What color should i dye my hair?



My hair is currently a light-purpleish. I’m getting bored of it but idk what color.

maybe jet black?


I like jet black


Blue or white : )


Pastel Pink like my character!! :purple_heart:


Dark blue or pastel?


ooo maybe




I like strawberry blonde or pastel pink.




Pastel pink would be incredibly cool :see_no_evil:


I agree - that would look really nice and I think jet black is awesome too!


Pastel Pink would look so cool! But that depends since sometimes your image change for others once you dye you hair so I prefer kinda a chestnut color


Curently dyed my hair dark blue. Want to add a hint of light blue as well. Maybe you should try same, or combinate colours like dark blue and pink, or red and black, etc. It depends on what would look good on you.


I second that, it looks like cute cotton candy!


I know right?


I’ve never tried a dark blue before, a pastel blue yes but hmm I’ll see! great suggestion!