What command do I use?

I basically have a character that’s fainted and I want to make it look like she’s being dragged out the reader’s view but I’m not sure what the code for it is since the ‘does it while’ or ‘walks to spot’ command doesn’t really do what I want it to. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance :hugs:

Hi! Maybe try having her lay down and then use spot commands to move her gradually and slowly (i’m guessing with another character dragging her, so you’d have to spot code them simultaneously) and then have them exit the screen eventually (?)

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I’m trying to use that one as a last resort but I’m just wondering if there’s a way to move a character with an animation that’s already occurred therefore it’s the last part of an animation (i’m also considering the fact that it might be an overlay I have to make?)

Hmm… there are some animations that could potentially work , but they would look weird because they are not specifically designed to look like someone is getting dragged on the ground…
dance_crawl_loop, swim_loop_rear, crowdsurf_excited_loop
I think it’s best to use the spot command, bc these are kinda random and could look a bit funny.

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About the overlay… Em idk how that would work tbh… You’d still have to spot direct the overlay so I don’t think it’d make much of a difference, unless you have thought of something different than what I have in mind

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Okay… thanks for your help! :sparkling_heart:

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No problem! Good luck w your story :sparkling_heart:

If you want her being drag on the floor (like if somebody is pulling her holding her legs) than **walk to spot using does it while laying animation will work - I have this in my story.

ezgif.com-gif-maker (9)

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Ah mines in ink and it’s the fainting animation but I’ve already made an overlay for it instead but thanks for your help :purple_heart:

the principle of the command is same in LL as in INK just the animation have different names.:wink:. Great that its working for you as you needed.

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