What constitutes as offensive language in a story?

The time period of my story is the 50s-60s, and because I will be talking a lot about the racial tensions that existed in the US at the time, would the term n*gro be allowed in the actual episode? If not, how do you think I can verbally paint the picture of the hardships Black Americans faced on the daily without using this term?

I think you should file a ticket and ask the support team. But I know they take down stories with slurs. (not always)

If you ask them and they say go for it, I suggest you add multiple warnings before story starts.


This is what the content guidelines say:

You could always file a ticket just to clarify, but based on this, I don’t think it would be allowed.

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@ELx & @goth.gaia I will definitely file a support ticket & see if I can get permission. Thank you! :slight_smile: