What could be a good title for a story about a girl getting trapped inside a movie?

Can’t think of a name!

Maybe Screening? Since a movie screening is a thing, and it kinda seems like “screaming”?
I’m not sure, what’s the genre?


Romance, comedy

What about “The Chosen one”

Cinema Switch, Echoes in the Theater, Accidental Actress, The Lost Starlet


My Life is a Movie


Behind the Scenes


Haha nice one

“Stuck in the screen”?

I don’t really know :joy: lol

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Actually I don’t think it is. I looked it up and didn’t see anything :wink:

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Does she know that she is stuck there?

Kind reminds me of Truman’s show love that movie lol

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What about “As Seen On TV”?


Ooo, it’s not even my story but I really like this title

What’s Seen On The Screen

Thanks, I’m actually pretty pleased with it myself. If OP doesn’t use it, I might hang on to it myself! :joy:

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What about the name of the movie she gets trapped it?

Movie VS Reality!
Oh, My Stars!
Starring, [Name]?