What could be the mistake?

Why when I want to change the background, the action is underlined in italics? I think that’s the problem, although maybe I missed something else?

You can’t end your script with a background. You either have to place the characters or use


for example.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Yes, thank you, there is no mistake anymore. But it’s strange, I wrote the script further, but it still gave an error, so I destroyed everything. But thanks for the help!

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I know i am late but i need help with my code :

I don’t know how to make her come out from the back of the background :pensive:

@CHARACTER moves to layer 4

(a layer more than the background)

It didn’t work

is your background an overlay?

No, at least i don’t think so

maybe try
@CHARACTER spot % X Y in zone 2
before the pan

Did it work?

Sorry, but i am trying to but for some reason my laptop is not responding, it like it just stopped working

damn thats not fun when it happens!

Yeah, i will get back to you when it starts working :sweat_smile:

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My computer is working now and yes, i already used spot positioning but it’s not working either :pensive:

Maybe i should just use another background, but thanks anyways.
And yes, i forgot the background was an overlay

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