What could writers do to improve their story?

We are all readers here and many of us are writers, so we know what goes into a story and what makes it good. This may be helpful for first time writers or anyone who is looking to improve your story.
So here is my checklist of things writers should check upon when they write their story and how they can improve. Feel free to comment and/or add things that should be on a list.

  1. Coherent plot-Check your plot to make sure it makes sense and that the characters are acting realistic as well
  2. Great grammar_always proofread your story and get a beta reader if English is not your first language
  3. No directing errors-Advanced is always preferred, but if you can do basic with no errors, that is better than Advanced with a lot of errors. Go over tutorial videos and posts on the Directing section of the forum. Have someone view your chapter to get feedback if the directing looks good.
  4. Consistency-Make sure the characters and plot are consistent and characters are not doing something that doesn’t fit in with the plot.

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I also, personally at least, think that writers should do research too to make it all more cohesive and accurate. Especially if it deals with topics they don’t know too terribly much about.



  • Make sure your first chapter is good enough to draw reader’s attention and also that you don’t have to add “the story will get better after chapter X”
  • Make sure your characters are interesting and well-developped, because no matter how good the plot is, people won’t find it entertaining if they don’t have anyone they can relate with
  • Make sure your story is moving - don’t publish a chapter full of pointless dialogues that don’t add anything to the story, try to develop a linear plot
  • Try to write an original story, or at least try to approach a cliche theme in a unique way

Good idea. Thank you for posting!

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Great ideas! I totally agree with you. Thank you.

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!!! this. I’ve read soo many stories with inaccurate information/takes on let’s say, diseases, mental disorders, or racism for example. It’s annoying lol.


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