What country are you from?


I thought I would make a thread where people can say what country they’re from. I just find it really amazing that you can be talking to someone who is in a different part of the world from you.
I’ll start:
I’m from England


What Country are you from my friend?

I’m from New Zealand! :sparkles:


That’s so cool! Is it your winter at the moment?


Yeah! It’s freezing :woman_facepalming:t4:


I bet! It’s summer over here and it’s boiling (England is not living up to its reputation of always raining :joy:)


How hot does it get over there? Omg! That was like us for summer too, it rained the wholeeeeeee summer


It gets up to about 30 degrees Celsius! I feel sorry for you!


that’s the same here, no it’s fine i’d rather the cold then hot :joy:


Australia :koala:


Australia [2] :australia:


Born in the Dominican Republic but live in New York, USA :heart:


Australian :slight_smile:


England over here :raising_hand_woman:






Australia (5) :australia:


@Mahoney13 A fellow Brit! X




Indeedy!!! Where abouts you from? :slight_smile: x


Yorkshire. You?