What counts as an actual read?

I’m a newly published author, less than three weeks ago, and my story is doing pretty well. I was just curious and scrolling around the forums to see if anyone has an answer to this question which no one really seems to.
So my question is, what counts as a read? Does it count when a person spends a pass on the next chapter? Does each chapter read count (ex. one person read all three chapters, +3 reads)? Or is it just when they start the first episode or finish it? Does the person have to finish the story for a read to count?

I was just wondering if anyone understands and would help me out a little bit.:grin:

when someones pass is filled, and they pick out a story to read, once they have finished reading the first chapter, one of their passes is gone, then if they want to read another chapter, same thing happens, the other pass is gone,

All of it counts as a read.

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That really helped me thank you!

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np :wink:

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I think once someone reads the first chapter till the end a read is earned by the writer.And if the story is interesting enough and the reader continues to read the story that’s going to effect your story rank and will decrease every time a reader reads multiple episodes.Hope this removes your read count confusion.

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I believe that you need to tap “out” of an episode for it to count as a read. So if a story only has three episodes and you’re stuck in a loop in episode 3, I believe only the first two episodes count as reads (if that makes sense).
I’m not 100% sure though.


I think this is true as well. My first reader of my first story posted screenshots from the third/last episode so I knew she’d read all of it, but my reads stayed at two for days until another person read it. My reads generally went up in twos as well.

Episode offical stories also don’t give you gems until you complete a chapter, and the very last chapter available of a story in progress never awards gems.


So if only one person read your story, but they read all 3 episodes, it would be 2 reads? Like one read per chapter?

That’s my understanding :slight_smile:

This would make more sense though, I hardly believe there are 70 million readers on the app.

Oh it’s definitely reads and not readers.
My Thriller entry had four episodes and I published just over an hour before the deadline and didn’t advertise. By the deadline I had exactly 3 reads lol and I’d imagine those are all from one person. I don’t think episode 4 is counted as a read.

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Well if we want to be sure it is easy to test. Next time you publish something I’m gonna be your first reader :smiling_imp:

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I see that you have got an answer about your question. I like reading new stories, from authors that just started their carrier. I can only wish you good luck with your story. May I have the name of your story so I can start reading it?

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It’s called Dear Convict! Thank you for taking interest in reading my story!:heart: