What Cover should I use for his girl?

What one should I use for his girl:





I like the first one.

Yeah but dont you think it looks like; The New Girl


That’s what I thought, lol.

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That’s true
Plus I like the moonshine on the second one

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Yeah a really nice girl made it for me but I think it looks like The New Girl

Yeah it is nice but idk I really like both

Does she have a forum account? She’s amazing!!

I like the second one, the background and the moon seems romantic as hell lol.

Yes her name is Sezzlehg and yeah it is kinda romantic :slight_smile:

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The second one, sort of has that romantic vibe.

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Yeah I don’t know if they fall in love or she picks another guy in the end but yeah her and him have a kinda good relationship

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That sounds nice, have you published?

No Im waiting for backgrounds to approved

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But some of it is in my boi

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I like the second one better


I like the second one :3

Yeah I agree

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Well I’d love to read when you publish :slight_smile: