What covers grab your attention?

What makes you want to click on a story cover? For those of us who can’t afford cover artists (:sweat_smile:) is there anything particularly appealing about edited INK/LL characters on covers that makes you want to read??

Personally I do prefer to see a cover that has been made by a really good artist, this is just my preference. There also has to be something about the cover that stands out because a lot of them look the same.

I like to see a clean, quality cover that isn’t too dark with dark colours and a blurry background, the title has to be clear to read and in the right place. As long as it’s clean, clear and with meaningful and good art work, it will be fine.


usally I look more at the title than the cover. and personally I am so tired of all the sexual covers they are evrywhere. this is suppouse to be a 13+. not erotic for teens


Nothing at all cuz 99% of them are sexual half naked all on top of each other.


Covers aren’t that important to me but they do make a difference. I don’t have a preference when it comes to covers and what catches my attention. As long as the cover looks good and it isn’t tacky and (cliché) I try it out. Like some said above, inappropriate covers turn me off.


same like it’s not even special anymore

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Gotta say I :100: agree with this. I like it when covers are good quality, because if it’s really blurry, I’ll get the impression that the story isn’t that great, if the dang cover’s already blurry af.

Aside from the cover, for me, it’s gotta be the description that either decides if I’m going to read the story, or not.


A cover that can already describe the story-line makes me wanna read it. Not just the main characters standing right in front of it posing, but something eye-catching, quirky or interesting. Also the heading has to be clear and the cover being good quality.

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Totally unpopular opinion: I like not edited covers, such as main characters standing in a background


Tell me about it! Most of the time those covers don’t lie. :wink: :sparkling_heart:

Description means everything! If I see a description with no capital letters, no commas and missing words, it’s a straight up no from me!


I hate it when people just crop out the characters and throw them onto the background.

I like it when it’s hand drawn art, a clear title and not so much going on at once.

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Definitely a turnoff for me too. :kissing_heart:


I also hate it when every beginning letter of a word starts with a capital letter, like this:

What Happens When The Boy Is The Son Of A Big Bad Mafia Gang.


Or like this? :joy:

what happens when a boy is the son of a big bad mafia gang what will you do will you fall in love

I mean, at least make the effort to add punctuation, for all of our damn sake.


Ikr?? Oml that was so annoying :joy:


Or those stories where characters are talking and NONE of the lines have punctuation at the end? :joy:

GENERIC MC: (armscrossed or some shit)

What will I do. fall in love with big bad gangster or run away with good boi

GENERIC MC’S BEST FRIEND: (talk_repulsed)

Idk you choose

AUGH it annoys me smh…


To be honest cover that are unique grab my attention I often find my self scrolling past covers that look the same (for example if its just two people kissing with the title which is 90% of all of the covers)


I hate it when stories have abbreviations like “idk” and “tbh”.

I saw an Episode featured story where one of the characters’ dialogue “IDK” :woman_facepalming:t4:



Which one was it?


I don’t remember but I do remember someone posting a screenshot of their gameplay and it captured the part where the character said “IDK”. :joy: