What cuss words are allowed in Episode stories?

I recall once that I read a list on the forums of what cuss words doesn’t need to be censored, but I can’t find it anymore.

I think I remember we are allowed up to five f bombs or something and I don’t think the word hell or crap needs to be censored?


More info here: FAQ for Episode's Recently Updated Guidelines


Yep, that was the list I was looking for! Thanks :heart::heart:

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No problem, this topic may also be of interest to you:

(CoraMae has a post on IG as well on this matter)


Does anyone know if there is a certain limit of curse words that can be used per chapter. I bleep mine out but about 2 years ago I was told that even with the bleeps I could only have 5 within my entire story :grimacing:

I would just like to know if someome can tell me if “ass” is a curse word that needs to be sensored? As well as “shit”?

I think they both need to be censored. You could also write them and get your story reviewed.

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