What did i do wrong? - hair

So i’ve somehow managed to turn a basic hair change towards the end of my 2nd episode into the hair in episode one and 2 completely changing all the way through, she shows up perfectly fine on my computer when previewing but as soon as i use the app to check her hairs straight instead and thats not right/the style my computer shows.
ive tried to reset story progress and its not worked so im a little confusued.

any help would be great as im new and at a loss… thanks :hearts:

When you have a character change hair or any other appearance, the app keeps your character like that always (unless you use another code to change it to something else). Currently, the app is having problems with “reset story progress” (it’s not resetting the story’s progress), but do not worry because this doesn’t effect your story at all. It’s just an app glitch, and if the original hair is showing in the web previewer then it’s totally fine.

If it really bugs you that much, you can put @CHARACTER changes hair into Hairstyle at the beginning of the your first episode.

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