What did I do wrong? Please help!

Hi! I came across an error, but I don’t think I did anything wrong…

Here is the screenshot!

Might be your background name causing the error. Usually the backgrounds end in - DAY or - NIGHT

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No, I just checked and I got it right…:thinking:

Check line 3031

You didn’t add a color on that line.

what do you mean??

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On line 3031 try transition fade out black

Just did, but the warning still says use the word in before specifying duration and that is what I did…

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Can you screenshot where that specific error is?

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@transition fade in black in #

I tried but it still says the same warning

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On line 3039 try @Alex walks to zone 2 in #

doesn’t work, but i guess I can just not do the fade… but thank you for trying!

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Line 3039, you need to say what position he’s walking to in zone 2, like screen center or screen right.

@/ALEX walks to position in zone 2

For some reason the script is saying line 3035 is the error, but it’s actually line 3039

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Thank you!! It worked!

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Its @transition fade out black in (TIME)

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