What did I do wrong?


Hi, it’s me… again.
Okay, I allowed the reader in an earlier scene to choose whether or not they wanted to kiss the LI:
So basically, I followed a tutorial about remembering choices, and it seems to ignore this section of code (which I probably did incorrectly :joy:)
So, what I wanted to do was play out a different scene depending on which choice the reader chose later in the chapter. Could somebody help/correct me?


You need to either label your choice or use gains… do you know how to use either?


I know a little, I don’t know how to use it in this context though.


Okay so lets add some gains. Can you send me the actual codes for both of these please, instead of a screenshot ?


Of course, I’ll dm them now!




THIS SCENE BE STEAMEH. What’s the story? :wink: :joy:


Haha, the story is called ‘Maneater’! The link is in my bio :hearts:
This is a chapter I am currently working on so it isn’t out yet but it will be soon :woman_cook:


you dont use if two times, its either: if, elif, else


That story name is uuuuh



Thankyou so much, took me a while to think of it :joy: Also the chapter is out now, excuse the self promo :wink: