What Did You Enjoy Most About School🤔🤔

Hey guys :wave::wave:
I know that due to Covid 19 schools here in Nigeria and most countries if not all Have been suspended indefinitely…
At first I was so happy and excited and was like " yea long holiday" but now it’s been over three months and I’m so bored and I so long to go back to school :school::school:and I know that some of you too can’t wait…

So here we’re going to talk about the things we enjoyed most about high school.

I’m definitely not talking about the boring things that we all despise


Tbh I miss nothing.

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Ha same

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lmao #mood
but sike, school had reopened in my country :clown_face:

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Yeah mine were reopened for 2 weeks before summer break. Tho I didn’t have anything at school during those 2 weeks.

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Eh. I missed school at first, but not really anymore. I’m enjoying this “break.”

My friends:) but honestly if this break hadn’t happened I don’t think I would’ve written a story. So I guess that’s the only good thing that came out of the break?

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The only thing I really miss about it is my friends

I hate everything else
The work, the classes, some of the teachers

And my lifestyle isn’t affected by this quarantine anyway :joy:

I only miss my English class because I enjoyed witting. Other than that, nothing really. I think schools shutting down really helped me just focus on myself And allowed me to just be alone when I really needed it

Tbh, I miss fun days, motorcades, track and field events, house school events, I just miss school but now im out of school, and doing adult stuff, so yeah…

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Only my friends i miss

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I havent been in school for 10 years.

But, I miss knowing I’ll see all my friends in one place. In the adult world- it’s not always that simple lol

I missed it when I use to tell my friends to put something in a certain pocket in my backpack and they put it in the wrong one. I would always yell, “THE SMALLEST ONE”, and then I lose my patience and do it myself. The good times :pensive:

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I miss when we girls would hide in the restroom just to chat and gossip in between periods

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My crazy classmates

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I missed mostly the fun times with my best friend and the moments when we see our crush or just someone that is “a meme” of us (we call them that :joy:) and we are like THERE HE IS! DON’T LOOK! and our looks to each other :joy::joy::joy:
Now I’ve graduated and I’m going to college next schoolyear, so I’m really going to miss those times :confused:


I miss all the drama and the fun in different classes :joy: :joy: especially the class clowns :clown_face: :rofl:

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English class :fist:t4:, man I am a softy when it comes to writing.

My school will most likely open again :roll_eyes:. I am not looking forward to it. Even tho I kinda am but most definitely not :yawning_face:.

My momma has an illness and I’m not trying to risk her health.

But oh well :disappointed_relieved: