What do authors add in a story that you dislike/ or make the character do that you dislike

I’m curious so… let me know
mine is them repeating the scene right after they already did that thing in the chapter before like going on a date in one chapter then in the next doing the same thing then I just lose interest but I try and give them a fighting chance


I know lots of people hate seeing grammar mistakes and I do too, but then again we all make mistakes, I sure do make grammar mistakes and I don’t notice, but the thing that I really dislike seeing is authors adding words like (idk, idc, wym, gtg), and so on… I understand it being in a text messaging scene, but I don’t think it looks right when a character is talking…


When the author or a character gives really long and unnecessary expositions. :clown_face:

“My name is Emma and I live in a large mansion with my rich aunt who owns forty-five cats. My parents were CEOs of a really really big company but they both died in a tragic fire before I was born. And I somehow know that the fire was caused by my father’s brother’s neighbor’s coworker’s mafia boyfriend… In a few hours, I will be teleported to the land of magic and unicorns after an unnecessary argument with my nameless cousins. There are four types of unicorns: fire, earth, water, and air. Their colors indicate what kind of power they have. They also have different wings: small, medium, and chicken wings… But all of this is not important since I’ll later find out that it is all a dream. So uh… you want to customize me?”


lol yes love that description


Customaztion even tho there are art scenes :roll_eyes:


I’m trying to understand what you’re saying lol…Do you sorta mean like a recap or flashback??

And I don’t like when the character uses the same animation dialogue after dialogue when there is a variety of animations. Also when the speech bubbles are off, no thanks.


Long Art scenes


not like flashbacks or recaps more like having a similar plot in a chapter right after the original one that it was based on like mafia stories are mostly based on getting a person back after them being kidnaped then the next after they get kidnaped again

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Please make this a story so I can read it!


So repeating plot lines within a story? Yeah, those can be annoying.

Personally, I dislike scenes without context. They just… Happen.
A: the weather is nice.
B: yeah… But my coffee isn’t hot enough.
A: why? Are you gonna rail the coffee or something?
B: not quite, but it’s cold.
A: I thought you said the weather is nice?
B: nice and cold. Why?

A: image

B: anyway, I should get going.
A: where are you going?
B: home.
A: where is your home?
B: where I live.
B leaves
A: didn’t even said goodbye. Rude…
A leaves

Not that it’s bad, it’s funny if done right, especially if you’re doing comedy.
But when you overdo it and insert a whole goofy scene in the middle of a tense action/mystery sequence, or perhaps a drama, it’s pretty much a bummer and a let down because you have loud thunders and striking lightnings, but the rain is as small as showering on the 9th floor during water shortage. A small goofy dialogue or exchange is fine, but enough is enough.


There are a few things I dislike in stories. first, is the starting animations. I have read a few stories where in the starting you see have the front cover and then the name of the story appears but slowly which makes me restless. Also, I understand you have to give warnings but why keep the warning page on for 45 seconds, specially when you can read the warning in less than 15 seconds.
Next, is grammar mistakes. I know that for a lot of people English isn’t their first language and I respect that but you can ask help from people on the forum or your friends or even google translate can help.
Another one is the directing. The storyline is so good but coding as an example the characters are hugging but one of the characters is facing towards the screen (if that makes sense). Again, I know coding isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.
Having limited customisation and not the latest episode hairstyles is also something I find annoying.
I also dislike waiting 2 hours or something for the next 4 chapters to release. On top of that having to pay gems to view the art scene or unlock bonus scenes.
Lastly, when authors have stories in which choices matter and i love it when they have stories with choices but in some stories the choices are so hard. You don’t know which one will make you have more points. You have to think so much to choose and then at the end the choice you make turns out to be the wrong one.


Speech bubbles in the wrong places.


Choices that matter… Timed choices that matter and can drastically affect the ending but you only having f*cking 5 seconds to choose a choice. I avoid stories that have significant choices, honestly. It is so stressful when you get something wrong, and I’m a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to things like that so I replay every time I would get a choice wrong… So stressful altogether.


I agree


There are a lot of things I don’t like but what’s been annoying me lately is a huge repetition of art scenes with the same sort of pose — the pose where the female lead is on the male lead’s lap, facing him while he looks up at her and either has his hands on her waist or resting on the arms of the chair.

It’s even worse if the art scenes last for such a long time with really slow zooms and the same cliché lines being said. Ahhhh. :skull:


and I was in heaven before I was born so I could see them everyday together, making me in heaven…and after 9 months, I even saw a stock carrying me and dropping me on top of rich aunt’s head, and that’s how I came into this world…

I probably made it crappy :rofl::skull:
but oooh, what a story!! Love it!! :disco:


some artists add CC, even though they do art scenes because people can be extremely mean if they dont add CC.

if the author gives a warning about CC, its the readers own choice to still CC. the alternative is no CC.


Totally agree. Me too, I have a lot of art scenes, but I still add CC because majority of readers prefer stories having CC. And they can be rude af when you don’t add it. So yeah, I would prefer the readers not to CC the characters, that’s why I’m giving a warning beforehand.

What I personally don’t like, are author’s introductions and them appearing literally in EVERY chapter :sweat_smile:. And what I don’t understand at all - when authors make themselves the MC of their story. Idk, it’s just super weird for me :woman_shrugging:t4:


I got a threath because I said no to change my limited CC of my five racially different LI. people are really mean regarding CC

most stories has CC. either read something els or live with the no CC.


This is epic :joy: :joy: