What do Episode beta-readers do?

I have been a beta- reader for two stories so far: College Makeover & Prom Night
I am wondering, does it have a purpose? Is there a thing where we can talk to Episode about what we liked and didn’t like?
I remember when I read “College Makeover” I got an "update " that the name would be changed (before it was named "College Makeover " obvi) after people deciding that it would be best that way.
Where did they decide that?
Anyone who was been a beta-reader for Episode, feel free to help a gal out!

So I only got One Wild Night to beta and… I can understand why you’re confused, because as much as I read the whole thing, they didn’t ask for feedback. And they had a few directing and mis-named characters I felt they should know about. But yeah, since they didn’t ask for feedback and there was no survey, I think the point is just to collect retention data. To see how many beta readers read it all the way through and to see which working title gets the most beta readers’ attention? Maybe?


Oh, so there are other times where you can actually give feedback?



No, I don’t think they’ve ever asked.

But they should… Because I really need to warn them that a bus falls out of the sky in One Wild Night.

In all seriousness, they really should because a lot of people read featured stories just to see the new assets or gem outfits… So if they make it the whole way through, it doesn’t mean they liked it. They could simply be bored and nosy :rofl:

Yes, I am guilty of actually readung because of the cool thungs but I actually paid attention to the plot., thinking that there would be like, I don’t know, a link? Where we would give them feedback. I hope they do it though!

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