What do fans do that annoy authors?

We’ve heard a lot about annoying things that authors put in their stories but what are some things that fans do that annoy authors?

For example: rushing the authors

please don’t be afraid to comment, this could help a fan be more understanding. Also this isn’t meant to offend anyone.


Maybe not for everyone, but I find it kind of annoying when they ask to customize their character again in almost every episode.


When I was an author (don’t currently have a story) I got really stressed because I felt that I needed to publish a new episode really fast, so my episodes weren’t really good, and I didn’t end up finishing the story.
Viewers should remember that the wonderful author is a person and has a life, sometimes they just can’t finish up an episode and publish it, and it’s not all because they were busy, sometimes it’s because they don’t feel like writing, and when you don’t feel like writing you can’t really write good, you know?


I think when fans try to tell authors how their story should be written or are just straight-up rude and entitled in a sense - it’s pretty annoying.

I haven’t experienced anything like this yet (and hopefully never) but these are just based off of comments I see on IG for popular authors/well-known authors.

Edit: Also when fans lack the patience with authors with updates, and pester them for updates, disregarding the fact that authors have lives, may be going through things, etc.


I could see how that’s annoying, all the coding :grimacing:



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Yeah it’s hard to make a good episode when you’re rushing and authors don’t want to sit on a computer 24/7.


Some authors have a designated time for writing so that this doesn’t happen, but sometimes your brain is just out of ideas and you have no inspiration for writing, and you just can’t write…


Why would they tell the author how to write their story? :rofl::joy:


For me… I got kind of bullied because my characters have purple eyes and because the twins names are Tayler and Tyler and because I would not let them customize them because I had a certain view for them and I just suck at the multiple customization thing you know it’s my first story I’m just learning I might try it with other stories I don’t know yet then again most the time I just like giving the other pics what the characters going to look like myself so that’s what I choose to do. I have also been told I should do this and not that in my story.
I hate if they don’t like it that much then they need to read a different story.

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I have had it happen

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As a reader, I don’t really care how long it takes authors to write, there are always other stories, for example, when I have finished all the stories- or got to the end but the author is going to release more, I usually try to find new stories to read or better yet, go on read for read threads and just read those stories for fun.
But it is a little annoying when the author doesn’t update for like- a year…


That’s sad :slightly_frowning_face: Hopefully it doesn’t continue


I just ignored it but it’s like really aggravating I’m not the only person I’ve seen it happen to where people get mad because the author has a certain view for their characters like I understand everybody wants customization whatever but you know go read customization stories then don’t read my story it’s that big of a deal but you don’t like how my characters look or where my story is going don’t read it then I mean it’s not that big of a deal and they make it a big deal and I’ve seen it happen to a lot of people not just me.


Lol. Listen. Great question.

I’ve seen it happen countless times though. I get it, sort of. It’s kind of like wishing things happened differently in a favorite movie of yours or book, but it’s just the way people approach it.


The last part I completely understand. :sob: I still try to understand they are busy w/ lives though. The anticipation kills me but I don’t try to bother them over updates. I just get sad.


Whoever is telling an author to rewrite the story because it’s not to their liking, is being ridiculous :woman_facepalming:t5::joy:

I agree. Or yelling at the author for the way a story goes.

Again. I seriously get it. I’m still mad at J.K. Rowling for killing off Fred, but I think it’s just the way I’ve seen people approach it. It’s less like a comment of “Oh my god, I can’t believe that happened,” and more like a “It’s trash that you wrote it this way etc.”

Edit: When I don’t like the way certain Episode stories are going, I just stop reading. Simple as that. Why flame someone’s hard work lol!


Yeah, there’s no point in trashing the author.


Hmm, I have been fortunate to not have received anything that has annoyed me but I suppose hypothetically bugging me when I will update my story, if they can customise characters (asking constantly) would probably bother me.