What do I do if this situation happens?

So I’m making a story, and I came across this other story and this character looks exactly like my love intrest for my story…and the other person story has the same topic as mine. I have not let out any episodes but that other author have. I’m scared that when I put out my story that the author or people might think I’ve copied it or Im afraid I might get criticized. I’m starting to have doubts about making my story now I don’t know what to do.


Unless you’ve got the exact same plot I don’t think anyone is going to care, lots of episode stories go over the same topics originality is typically in the execution, switch some features on the LI and keep it pushing.


No I don’t think we have the same plot but only the same topic and I was going to let the readers only change the lip, hair/hair color of the love intrest… Hopefully that’s good enough maybe. Thanks for the advice, I had no idea what to do.

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Oh, if you’re doing customization I don’t think you have an issue. You will be criticized, no matter what you do. If people are reading your work someone will most likely have something to say about it. The best you can hope for is criticism over outright insults, it’s going to happen and it might really fucking suck - like literally tear you up inside and be the worst thing you’ve ever felt - but that’s what happens when you share your work and you’ll get over it. The risk is there for anyone who shares their work and we would have absolutely nothing, no books, no movies, no music, no art, if we let that risk stop us from creating things.


That happens sometimes.Don’t worry. Topic can be same but story plot should be different.


To be honest…if I get criticized for my story I will keep rolling and insults don’t bother me sometimes, I might laugh actually. I really just hope people dont think I copied and I’m willing to take this risk. And your straight up right as hell, but I know this story will be good in the end so I’m not going to quit… For real though thanks for the advise.:+1:t4::relieved:

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