What do I name my story

Heeey people! I’m currently writing a story and NEED your name ideas. The main story is:

-Girl with rare magic thing that allows her to grant wishes. (No, not a fairy. In the modern world.)
-A man (dad of your love option) tries to seek people of your kind to extract your powers and use it for pure evil…
-Your dad is tortured trying to protect you, and they capture your mum who also has powers.
-You have cool purple eyes.
-Not gonna lie, you’re a badass.
-Bit of a Romeo and Juliet ending. ;(
-Obviously no spoilers ^^

Also, any thoughts or advice?

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maybe you could pick a few keywords and use a name generator?
I’ll give you a few suggestions though:

  1. Torturous love
  2. Behind the veil
  3. Powerful secrets
  4. Pure evil
  5. one of a kind
  6. Extraction
  7. Modern dilemma

Maybe if you had some more info like names etc. of characters it might be easier for name suggestions?

These are just examples, some of them are pretty awful lol :joy::joy:

Omg! This is gonna sound like such a coincidence but I’m writing as story for the H&V contest called H&V: Deadly Love and there are aspects of my plot line that are quite similar to yours! For example my mc Adriana gets her magical abilities by going through/getting sucked by a portal and whenever she uses her magic her eyes turn Purple! And there’s this prince’s father who is the villain as he desires your power and tries to abduct you so he can kill you for the power!

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Lol, I’ll try…

  1. @southampton23 I really like that title too.
  2. Alone With My Magic
  3. Badass Magic

Arg, those are bad, but I’m trying, lol!

  1. My Bleak Life
  2. Life Has Its Way
  3. Magic Before My Eyes
  4. Gone And Alone
    I hope this sorta helped? Lol, mine are bad! :laughing:

Thanks! They’re actually pretty good names. Also good idea to use a name generator.
Btw, the main characters and is Luna. :grin::ok_hand:

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Woahh that IS a coincidence! If your story is published any time soon I’ll definitely read it incase they’re too similar, plus it sounds a lot better than a clique gang story that seem to be all around episode lately…:joy::ok_hand: Good luck in the competition!

I agree waay to many gangs and well mafia bosses. And for some reason all the peeps here are super obsessed with romancing the evil guy who may even be their kidnapper. Your story sounds amazing as well, I definitely will give it a try when its published. Is it for the contest as well?

Thanks for the suggestions!!! I think I’ll take all the words to a name generator and see where it goes :grin:

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Thanks and I would enter the contest but I’m pretty sure I’m wayyy too slow at writing as it takes like a week or more per episode unless I plan it all out, but I’ll check out the contest anyway!

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Modern genie?

Ooo I think I’ll use the word modern but genie just makes me think of fortunes and horoscopes and Aladdin… :neutral_face::joy:


Luna eclipse I really bad at titles myself


Luna eclipse actually sounds really cool, kinda like a pun or wordplay. Thanks!

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Alright. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

:joy: lmao.

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