What Do Most Authors Need Help With? - Help Thread & Poll


Hello, writers! I love helping others and will gladly answer any questions I can in this thread. Some things to know are:

1. Take a screenshot if you have an error or warning you're seeking help with or copy and paste the general area of your script in which the error occurs
2. Please be nice to others
3. If I don't have the answer to your question, don't give up; there are many other threads like mine on the old forums (http://oldforums.episodeinteractive.com) and these forums as well

Now for the poll: what do most of you need help with?

  • Spot Directing
  • Zooms
  • Ideas/Prompts
  • Other (Specify what in a reply if you’d like!)

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I know how to make a character move from one place to another in a number of seconds but how do you do that with behaviours for example punching


From what I know, you can’t; however Episode times the animation is how it is 🤷🏽


Oh ok thank you so much


This is what @alexlight said she did:


Thanks for the information! It’s great to see you helping out and this is definitely an idea I wouldn’t have thought of. :smile:


Yeah, I didn’t know about this until Alex told some one about it. :slightly_smiling_face:

When I voted other to your poll, I am now learning the advanced overlay techniques. So far those have been a pain to do.


Thank you so much this will be useful in my story


Ah. I can’t see who votes what in my poll because for the type of poll I did voters can’t be public for some reason.


You can see the statistics though, correct?


Overlays and art that makes a story stand out :frowning:


Yes, I can.


You can upload custom overlays and backgrounds! If you don’t know how, I can tell you


How do I get a character to freeze? My story is character customization . So when one of my characters pulled out his phone to see a picture of the MC character that is customized… how do I get the MC to freeze like maybe a pose?


Just have the character in idle!
@CHARACTER is idle

And spot direct them to be small enough to fit the phone. Typical character size is 1.28 so make it smaller than that.

Spot directing code is:
@CHARACTER s x y in zone n

s-sizing of character
x-x axis (horizontal)
y-y axis (vertical)
n-zone number, so if you’re doing this in zone 2 you would make n’s value 2, etc.

you can use the directing helper in your app to figure out these values as well!

MC character that is customized

Now, you’d have to do this with spot directing and not an overlay because if you upload an overlay, you can’t use the customized character. Therefore, the best idea there really is for this is to spot the character so they’re small and in the correct place to fit in the phone in some kind of idle position such as idle_happy - this way, the character is the way the reader customized them.


How do I transition from one background to another without any dialogue??



@transition fade out 4
You can add more backgrounds by adding transitions in-between.


How do I add Music? Because
I’m making a story and errors keep popping up

If anything can you please help me?


You need to add the word “music” before the sound name, and you don’t put “music begin” so remove that

music music_darkkeys