What do people get tired of in Episode?

I want to use this site as my pre-publish review so that people can tell me what they want in a story.

My first question: What do I not want in my story?
What are you tired of in episode stories that I can make it so that I don’t contribute that into my stories? EXAMPLE: Bad boys LI,

Btw I have not published my stories yet if you think I have.


People with disabilities! They’re so rare in stories
And this is what i DO want sorry


A mean girl who is only there to cause relationship problems between the LI and the MC. It’s sad that they are only there is to strengthen the bond between the MC’s and have no other purpose.


A flawless MC. I read a lot of stories with those MC’s that don’t have any bad habits or traits which is unreal.
So I personaly want an MC with both good and bad traits :grin:

! I don’t mean by bad traits as in them making racist comments or homophobic or anything similar to this!


Yeah, definitely because I made my MC have bad habits and judgements. I felt bad as though they can’t be mean sometimes or assume things but they can I mean we all do it so a episode MC should also do those things. But they should learn not to do it but still have problems with it as they are still growing and have a hard time not making harsh judgements. As long as those characters are not making judgements by race and such.

  • Fast or slow pacing. If the stories moves too fast or too slow I will stop reading.
  • Too many cliches, unless the story is making fun of the cliches
  • If the story has more then 1 LI, don’t be bias, readers can tell when the writer wants them to pick a certain LI
  • The Bad boy Li vs the Golden boy Li
  • Slut shamming the “Mean girl” if there is one
  • The Li touching the MC w/o consent because he “can’t help it”. ESPECIALLY when their not dating
  • Stereotypes

Me personally…

-misrepresented culture

-abuse/assault/harassment used as a minor plot line/a way to introduce Li as a ‘hero’

-2 dimensional characters we see all the time (for example: virginal mc, toxic Li, loud black BFF/loud gay BFF, life fr)

-dark topics romanticised (mafia, gangs)

-pregnancy simply to make the story longer.

-fast romance, too fast

-400 line long episodes, try make them at least 1500+

Good luck :white_heart:


wow thanks for you input everybody, I’m actually going for a thing where you actually choose if you want a LI or if they should just be the friend at the end of the story!
And don’t worry, this isn’t romance so most cliches can’t harm me. I’m actually trying to steer away from cliches in general all the time.

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What disability should I do and if you choose I need some scene examples because I’m not good with Disibilties and stuff but I totally do want to try?! And which character should have the disability, I already designed an MC but for the potential LI, I have alot of room!?

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Maybe cystic fibrosis, or ADHD? Or someone who can’t move one of their arms/legs

I have ADHD, it can be easily put into the story and since so many people have it. But it doesn’t affect me all that much and it doesn’t affect my friends who have it so it isn’t a disability that is heavy which is good because it won’t affect the story all that much.
I also know people who I #KNOW their ADHD doesn’t affect them much but they use it as an excuse even though its not that bad. I’m sorry if your/or anyone you know are heavily affected by ADHD and it seems I’m putting it off. I’m really asking how I should use ADHD in the story and who should have it?

I don’t know, actually… I’m not very good with these kinds of things, if you want it can sort of be an obstacle that gets in the way of MC and LI becoming a couple, but like you said its usually not so bad so maybe not? just a suggestion since I’m not sure

Maybe I’ll try giving it to like a friend the MC makes and they can talk about it every now and then and since ADHD makes it so that they wander off in their head, the MC’s friends can be a little absent minded and eccentric kinda like me sometimes.

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What do you guys think about a blind character? Or a deaf character that can read lips? (sign language would be hard to direct)


I’m really glad someone is planning to put some disabilities in their stories bc I myself have a disability but I can do most stuff on my own so thank you💕


:slight_smile: Nice :slight_smile:

wait, did that come out wrong :frowning:

•Super fast pacing, with no sort of direction
•Opening scenes with the character waking up and getting ready for school
•Lazy directing
•Too many choices
•MC getting r*ped/assaulted at a party. That stuff doesn’t bother me but it gets repetitive after a while
•”Psychopaths”. Every story I read with a “psychopath”, they are always confused with sociopaths or people with NPD, the authors don’t research, the authors think that “psychopathy” is a medical diagnosis and they’re just terribly portrayed.
•When authors keep the MC in every scene or they don’t give the other characters any screen time

Also, maybe you can add an autistic character? I have autism, so if you decide to add an autistic character feel free to PM me with any questions :weary:


I’ll be sure to try not to do any of those things, thanks!

:slight_smile: o o