What do people think about outline contests?


Hey fellow episodians
So I was just wondering about yalls opinion on outline contests. I really would like to hold one but I don’t know whether people would want one or even participate. Please can y’all tell me whether I should do one or not and whether you would enter it and what makes a great outline you want to colour ? :heartpulse:
Thanks x


I love outline contests.


I don’t entirely understand them, but they seem fun. Most of them are exclusively on Instagram though, so I haven’t ever been able to participate in one. I may enter it. I’d say one thing that makes good outlines is smooth lines.


A great outline has some of these:

:heartpulse: Hair that isn’t Episode hair (drawn by yourself)
:heartpulse: Drawn on clothes (but sometimes its fun to make your own)
:heartpulse: Nice straight lines you can use paint bucket on.


Thanks :heartpulse:


I love outline conest I just made one :blush::joy:


Our members personally do outline contests. Some like @ChayChay and @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE can also make them!


If you post it both here and insta I’m sure you would have a lot of people want to do it


@jassie12dw loves doing outlines and @GirlLykAnn too…


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Thanks sorry didn’t really know which topic to put it into


I would really appreciate if you didn’t advertise on my thread thank you :revolving_hearts:


What’s an outline contest?