What do people want in a story?


Hi guys so I’m thinking about writing a story and I wanted to know what people want to see, e.g.
Also things like
-spot directing
-own backgrounds
etc, etc…


Hi. Everyone likes different things in stories, so I would write for you, not for everybody else. But I can tell you what I like in stories. :slight_smile:

- Genre?
Personally, my favourite genres are comedy and drama.

- Topic & Theme?
As long as the story has a good plot that I like, I’ll read a story about any theme or topic.

- Spot directing
I don’t mind spot directing in stories as long as it’s done well.

- Overlays
Overlays are fine if they add to the story. There’s no point in unnecessary overlays in my opinion.

- Own backgrounds
I’m happy with Episode backgrounds or custom backgrounds, whatever backgrounds fit the scene although I don’t like blurry backgrounds unless they’re supposed to be blurry.

- Choices
I’m okay with not having many choices, but I like to choose my outfit and a few choices in an episode even if they don’t change the outcome of the story.

- CC
I’ll read a story with or without CC. Either way is fine for me.


It really depends on the genre of the story…

  • I mean, in any case, I think quality directing is a must have, and you’ll develop this the longer you use the app. Once you get used to the basics, you could learn to master an artful style of directing that fits your genre.

  • If you’re writing a story that incorporates elements that get to the point that they don’t really exist in real life (ex: ghosts, magic, other dimensions, futuristic technology) then overlays could really help to show these things. Custom backgrounds can also help. Just be aware that it usually takes around a week for these to be approved or denied.

  • Everyone loves stories where choices matter, regardless of the genre. This could be done in many ways, with character points, conditions, or flags. This makes them feel like they’re really “choosing their story”, as Episode says.

  • CC (Customize Character) makes readers feel more involved in the story and therefore makes them want to read more. This could be used in any genre and still work the same way. I personally recommend it.

So yeah, people look for a lot when reading a story, and authors each have their own style, but still, remember:

You do you!


- Genre?
I like Drama, Romance, Thriller/Horror, Mystery, and Comedy but whatever one you pick is fine as long as it’s interesting.

- Topic & Theme?
If it’s not cliche or too predictable, then I would read it. I like stories ideas that I’ve never heard of before or see much of.

- Spot directing
As long as the characters aren’t all over the place or too much bigger than the others, it’s fine.

- Overlays
I love overlays, I don’t have anything against it.

- Own backgrounds
I like seeing new backgrounds instead of Episode’s old ones, but I don’t like it when the new backgrounds are hard to see.

- Choices
For me, it doesn’t matter. I like stories with or without choices.

- CC
I love when stories are CC and I personally don’t read too many stories without CC, but if you like the characters the way they are, you don’t need to change it. I just like it when it’s CC because it feels like I’m actually in the story.



Romance for sure! Love bad boys and love triangles too:)


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I’ll read just about any genre if the story is good.

Well, I don’t usually read stories that are overly sexual, depressing, or that glamorize bad boys, gangs, and things like that.

-spot directing:
It’s a good thing as long as authors preview their directing before publishing. Personally, I don’t like it when all characters are the same height.

I like overlays that make the story more realistic or that show what would be impossible to show without them.

-own backgrounds:
I like it when stories have personalized backgrounds that give their story realism. I don’t mind Episode backgrounds, but I get tired of seeing the same ones over and over again.

Of course, I like choices that matter but I’d still read a story without choices if it’s good.

I don’t mind one way or the other, but I really hate it when readers try to force authors to include CC, or else they won’t read the story.


Thanks everyone