What do readers hate about episode stories?

Im wondering what readers or writers yourselves hate about episode stories.

Because I want to make sure our story would not include those things you would dislike, for example short length stories and cliche stories or so much more!

Feel free to type in what you hate about episode stories :blush:

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There are a lot of things that I dislike about some episode stories, but I am too lazy to type them up here :joy: . You can take a look at Things in stories that make you NOT want to finish if you want to.

Okay thank you!

For me I don’t like when stories have no diversity. The best stories (no shade) usually make an effort at having many different kinds of characters… And it’s obvious.

These are just my feelings… still no shade, I promise.

  • Pregnant by the bad boy stories, bad boy stories that promote, and don’t warn you to having sex with them or someone you just met.
  • Gang stories that promote, and don’t warn you about hooking up with a gang leader, and is perfectly okay if you are involved in gangs as long as someone’s hot.
  • Plot twists that don’t make sense and there was no foreshadowing or any hints. It just popped up into the writer’s brain while writing.
  • When the author has bad grammar and spelling.
  • Bad coding that makes the story look messy.
  • A lot of cliches in one episode.
  • Straight to character information with no character development.
  • Short chapters. I feel like I’ve been robbed.