What do the layers mean?


example: @CHARACTER walks to spot X in zone 2 at layer 2
– something like that. ^^ what does the layer mean?


(that code is incorrect, I think you mean @CHARACTER spot % x y in zone # at layer #)

Anyways, layers are what places characters and overlays in front or behind one another. The higher the layer number, the more in front they will be. So a character at layer 5 will be in front of a character at layer 3.

To add layers, you can use the code I mentioned above or this code: @CHARACTER moves to layer #
Layer numbers are infinite, so you can have a character/overlay at layer 76 or at layer -55


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thank you!


oh and one last question, can a layer be behind a character?


Do you mean an overlay?


here’s how to layer. hope this resolves your problem.


ah yes yes, i mean overlay… hehe


thank you~


an overlay can be behind a character IF you layer it


Here are the 2 ways to layer overlays. You just need to make sure the overlay layer is lower than the character layer if you want the overlay to be behind the character.


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ah i see, thanks!


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yes, i finally understood the layers. :slight_smile: thanks


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