What do the points mean?


What does the +1 mean? Do readers gain something from that? I’ve seen it but I’ve never used it before. Trying to become a more experienced writer and give readers a better gameplay experience.



They are normally used to keep track of interactions for making future if statements. It’s used a lot in complicated branching. They work similar to gains, but they accumulate over time so you have to keep track of them.


I’m still a bit confused…:frowning:


It’s hard to explain. So it could be used for tracking a characters relationship with another character. If the reader picks a certain interaction they gain a certain number of points towards that character. You can call upon those points in the future to determine how the character will act towards the character.

For example say TOBY =12.
if (TOBY > 10){
@MC is nice to TOBY
}elif (TOBY < 10){
@MC is mean to TOBY
So in this case MC would be nice to TOBY.


That’s a better explanation. I get it now, thanks. :smile:


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