What do The Pregnancy Shirts Mean?

Hey, I don’t really know much about pregnancy terms, and I see there is, 2nd trimester, Nd, Full term, and the 3 that are just pregnant~ and don’t say anything. What does Nd stand for? And what shirts should I put on my MC first?

i believe the Nd shirts are 2nd trimester shirts though i’m not totally sure. :sweat_smile:

i would say to put any of the 2nd trimester pocket collared long shirts first for your character and then go for the ones that are bigger as your story progresses. save the full term shirts for last!

the 2nd trimester swoop neck shirts, save those for the 3rd trimester as they show more of a belly than other 2nd trimester ones.

if you would like more of a fancier/nicer shirt for your character to wear in the beginning of their pregnancy, i would suggest the halter low cut shirt, the waist tied tank top, and the square neckline satin shirt!

hope this helps :blob_hearts:


Thank you!!! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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