What do u like seeing in episode stories?

list what u guys like seeing in stories
ex: overlays, cliche stories, cc, ink style, LL style, ect.

also list what you dont like seeing in stories pls ty!


hm i like seeing representation of strong women instead of the majority whom are portrayed as weak and pathetic. - moreso in mafia stories seeming as they’re a huge part of Episode. Also love stories which are inclusive and i prefer stories which provide the option to choose the MC’s sexuality. And i love LL and CC!


real personalitys, the characters have feelings hobbies, interest, their own way to talk.

I dont like the sad backstory people throw-in at the start, there is nothing wrong with having but a backstory should not be explained at the start of the story, it shall be sewn in through the story, in moments,


Likeable MCs and advanced directing is something that intrigues me. Also, horror stories catch my eye or stories that have aspects of horror.


I like fantasy, like a LOT!
And well, when I’m reading a story, whatever it’s a fantasy story or any other genre, I like the story to be dynamic. The thing that I could repproach to some readers is the lack of dynamism. I mean, the story might be like really great! But if there is only bubbles and the characters staying in the same place just doing some random animations I will lost intereset.
I like when they move! Not just bubbles.

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I haven’t been on the real app in a long time but I remember loving stories with a lot of choices, ones that didn’t require diamonds because I never get those. I like drama and comedy. I’m in the middle of writing a “Bachelor” story so i like stuff like that.

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