What do u like to see in a mystery story

the title says it all —— tell me anything. what keeps you hooked to a mystery story.

edit : besides big twists and cliffhangers what would make you go “WHAT—!”

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i like big twists
some examples that have big twists
I see you (amazon prime movie)
The Invisible man

or that one piece to connect all the plots together


Definitely lots of cliffhangers and also keep some information a secret. Also have lots of suspense and plot twists.

alright thank you

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thankss for sharing (:

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A mystery




I’d like to see more puzzles :relieved:

like mini games?

And maybe a character who is suspected of the mystery.

Then it turns out to be someone else suspected

Then it was just a lie it was the first person :relieved:
Who was suspected

i gotchu with that

idk how to do the mini games:/

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I love big twists
when everyone seems guilty
Or when you have to really focus on the whole scene, not just the conversations, like little clues.
or when like in forensic files, that one little clue ties the whole thing together and catches the murderer

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yesss i’ll try to best on this thank you

Choices that will impact your ending. Like “do yoy trust this person?”


Definitely plot twists. Things that make you go, “WTF. I was not expecting that.”

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yess i have that on my story(: thank you for sharing

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working on some ideas rn thank youu for sharing(:

Also maybe at the end of every chapter a question like “who do u thing is the murderer?” between the suspects so u can make the point of the situation and changing your mind along the way

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yeah also a cliffhanger?

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And maybe like “in the other chapter u choose (example) Tom as the main suspect, are u sure?”


alright thank you for sharing(: