What do u prefer

Hi guys , So I have an idea of story and I will start writing but I ’ m so confused :confused: I don’t know what what to choose the ink version or limelight Can you please answer me what do you prefer. Thnx and have a good day

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I prefer limelight cause characters look more real and I just love how it looks but I know that most people from community prefer INK. There is also group of people which prefer good story and dont care about style


I prefer Ink :slight_smile:

Agree :innocent:


Thnx for giving your opinion :heartpulse:

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Depends on what it’s about…

Thanks for answering have a nice day :heartpulse:

Agreed and thanks for answering :heartpulse:

Here’s the most popular poll

Thanks for giving your opinion have a good day :heart_decoration:

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Depends on the story tbh. Do you need certain outfits? Limelight is pretty limited there right now, so it might be better to start out with ink. But if you don’t mind waiting for clothing releases, limelight might be better as they have more animations I believe

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It looks like the whole community likes the ink version, I like the ll version but They still work on this version unlike the INK I think there is roof what we need So yeah thank you so much :heart_decoration::heart_decoration:

I think for the subject of my story the ink version is more better , Thanks for giving your opinion have a nice day :heart_decoration:

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I posted the same poll on my Episode social feed and apparently got over 1000 votes and it was 50/50. I couldn’t believe it lol.
I’m actually really starting to like LL but there are some issues with it. The wardrobe is limited for one, but also it tends to crash and lag on a LOT of devices. If you like complex directing, LL may not be right for you.

Agreed , I think LL will be so good in the future . Thank u and have a lovely day