What do u think of my price list?

Could use opinions? Trying to make the price list have info but not too overwhelming


I think it looks pretty good! Although, I would probably charge money on the difficulty level for wings, tattoos, piercings, etc…

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I will in the future since rn I have enough time on it tbh and got never bothered by it so far! But thx! Will take that in mind🖤

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Might also be good to include additional character prices (if you do those).

I did right first sentence on the right (50% of the Price )

Oh, sorry. I didn’t see that. :full_moon_with_face:

Some artists add a contact email for commissions on their commission ad pictures. You can try and add that too if you wanted?
You could also add which currency it is. I’m assuming it’s USD, but others might assume otherwise or be unsure.

Shoulder is spelt wrong.

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Thx! Will add email and my ig!:black_heart:

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