What do u think of the person above u?

Hi! What do u think of the person above you?

Person a: Hi.
Person b: @Person a is a nice person.
Person c: @Person b is someone I don’t know but I think he/she is kind.
Hope u understand!

I’ll start
Hi(There’s no one above me other than me)


I don’t really know her but she seems nice.

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This dearie seems chill

She has an interesting profile picture.

@Cricket_Master is very active on the forums.

@SilverStar is very helpful

@LivLoveDance7 likes SilverMoon :upside_down_face:

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@SilverStar is the sweetest :grin:

@danikajsequeira a has a really pretty layout!

aw thank you

@izzxepisode has a very nice profile picture
And she’s awsome :sunglasses:

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hehe thanks :blush:

@KACY_Episode Thinks she is the Queen of Episode but is really not…

@phlegmatic is extremely helpful.

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@LaurieKrisette is sooooo right!!! (Lol, trying not to sound bratty or anything…)

@KACY_Episode is sweet but we all know, no one is a “Queen” but ONE IS NOW!!! AND THAT’S HER!!!

She is assuming things!!!

@KACY_Episode is saying that I call myself the queen even though I just said that’s her!!


@KACY_Episode and @phlegmatic should probably bring this back on topic or take it to the PMs.

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