What do u think of the person above u?


@RawrFlurry hehehe I think you’re a good friendddddddddddddd


@SilverStar you are a gremlin but you are a good gremlin.
Unless you’re playing in the username war in which case you’re mY ENEMY!
But you’re a fun person haha.


@FinnTheGhost is honestly the best dude ever. Not to mention how he’s great at giving advices love you man!


@Chocolate_Mama not only are you a great mama, your a great girlfriend to @k.w.episode your sweet and willing to share that chocolate with me! :slight_smile:


@natasha.episodex is an Okie-Dokie person I dunno much about :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


@Iffy is such a sweet noodle and I’ve seen her around. You’re so kind and ya make me want you as my next daughter Hahahahahah man I’m tired.


@Chocolate_Mama makes me want to dedicate my Chocolate Brown stuff toy Teddy Bear in her and King Person T’Challa’s name! (LOL That was a wee bit dramatic…)


@Iffy makes me feel happy because she is new, she’s generous loving and gracefully.


Don’t just like my comment, say something! :laughing:


LOL, okay… @natasha.episodex likes Junk Food…and so do I! :revolving_hearts:




What’s your fave fast food place?


@iffy is a rad person and a Virgo! One of us one of us


It HAS to be Dunkin’ Donuts! (My own version of Heaven! :kissing_heart:)


Aw…thank you, Kind Stranger! :revolving_hearts:

@FinnTheGhost is a superhero who’s powers include making other people’s day by complimenting them, telling something cool or funny and/or making their negativity go away! :doughnut:


@Iffy likes flowers and is very protective over her donuts.


@Ellie_Episode3 Have a pretty cool profile picture and her episode character has purple hair which makes her more amazing.


@dqrkskinqueen is an amaxijg person


@Epy.ravenIs super super x63727626272 kind


@dqrkskinqueen is an amazing person in real life too she just have to believe it cause she is not only is she a kind person shes an amaxing aryist