What do u think of the person above u?


@AddieAhogey has a really vibrant and bright profile picture.


@Whispering_Flower is one of the kindest people I know


@Eleanor_W-15 is the coolest ever!


@ChayChay is so sweet


@epsd.ama is really cool :sunglasses:


@sofia2 is someone I don’t know super well who seems hella nice :slight_smile:


@FinnTheGhost I think you’re super cool


@epsd.ama you’re a great friend!


@Chocolate_Mama you’re one of my best friends and you’re really amazing


I can tell @epsd.ama is a loyal friend based on her profile bio :grin:


Is @ButterflyMagic101 a lovey dovey? I’m not good at judging people ahh :slight_smile:


@Tempe17 is someone who I don’t really know, but she seems like a really nice and friendly person.


@Whispering_Flower has very joyful profile pic and she’s cool :christmas_tree:

BTW Happy Holidays to You! :snowman_with_snow:


@JemU776 is a very helpful and kind person.

Happy Holidays to you too :snowflake:


@Whispering_Flower is awesome and I haven’t spoke to her in a while but she is still awesome!


@Eleanor_W-15 is my tea buddy and has great music taste


@Chocolate_Mama is a crazy, controlling mother that somehow single-handedly (sometimes) manages to raise masses of children while baking others.


@16AngelCat is someone i’ve talked to before. She likes to read a lot like me. And a cool person to talk with


@emmazapp I haven’t talk much to her yet … but she seems cool and nice :heart::heart::rose::rose::rose::sunflower::sunflower::kissing_heart:


@Kaju I haven’t really talked to at all but I know that you are somewhere in my family. They seem like a nice and friendly person that I would like to get to know better