What do u think of the person above u?


Idk @Edera but I like the pfp


Idk you yet but I guess u love gifs too??


Silver!!! My star!!! Omg!! She is amazing!!!


with those exclamation marks, anyone could see that u r fun


@SilverStar looks super cute ! :sunny:


@Iristrdo seems intresting!


@mixingtea Seems cool, I like your username!


@RavenDawson seems like a super cool, nice, helpful and fun person to hang out with :heart:


@JemU776 seems really nice and very helpful and informative!


@ChayChay seems to really love her family.


@aiR I know you are new but you seem cool and nice :grin:


@leslie1230 seems to have a crush on my son… haha :joy:


@ChayChay is very cool but she has a weird son :joy:


@leslie1230 is always on the forums