What Do We Think About The New Skin Tones For Limelight?

For a while episode has been working on new skin tones for limelight. But now that they are out and are available for users to use, what do we really think about them?

  • I love the new skin tones!
  • I don’t know…
  • I liked the old ones.

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I guess they help make characters more diverse but, now all of the templates need to be changed and the characters that the authors had already made don’t look like they used to…

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I like the colours and it’s nice to have more variety. It’s just ashame about all the effort we now have to go to to fix all our scripts


I think this should be here:
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What do you say @Sydney_H ? I’m just getting to know these categories :thinking:


Moved to Episode Fan Community as Share Feedback is for reviewing stories, not discussing new features. :wink:

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I really like the colors too, I just wish they weren’t ordered randomly and that the new tones had been more accurately mapped to the old tones. Some of my characters suddenly have a hella tan.


I like them, but I wish they had just also kept the old ones so that all our characters didn’t suddenly change skin tones :confused:


Yeah they didn’t really match them well… A lot of characters ended up with horrible spray tans :joy:

Yeah they should’ve thought that through a bit more… :expressionless:

I just found this- https://forums.episodeinteractive.com/t/new-skin-tones-and-the-future-of-character-tech/62937

If they add beards for limelight I will be soooo happy!!