What do y'all think about my warnings?


so im working on a story, albino alibi, which i have yet to release. it surrounds the backstory of albino marine creel, who goes by mary, as she navigates the oh so mundane typical struggles of a smalltown girl in the 1980s, added together with a mess of a one night stand with a not so young businessman and discrimination against her genetic disorder.
here are the warning covers and the title cover that will be shown ingame. what do y’all think?


AMAZING :clap: :clap: :clap:


Ooh, those are awesome! :heart:️ I want to read your story when it comes out, it sounds good.


thanks dude


i can dm u about it once it’s out if you’d like :slight_smile:


here’s my small and large cover. thoughts?


Beautiful. :blush:


It’s amazing :sparkling_heart: Whatever software was used to create this is five star all the way. Honestly, it’s simple yet so captivating.


It’s beautiful. Well done!


thank you!


thank you! i used medibang :slight_smile:




they are so aesthetic!!


thank you! i love aesthetically pleasing simplicity in my stories and i like to think these are right on the spot for it


me too!! i love how you’re going for a white theme, looks lit!


Please! Lol, like I said before, sounds really good!


after 12 long days, albino alibi has finally been released! check it out.