What do yo guys think?

The new gem choice, even though you have passes if you don’t want to, or simply don’t have it, you still have to wait an extra couple of hours just to read the next scene. Does anyone think this is fair? Frankly speaking, this seems a little premature and greedy. I mean people support when they click to read your story, I’m sorry this doesn’t seem fair. Yes, I have stories out also, but I don’t have those templates in my story, because I feel it’s enough that people took a chance and check it out! I don’t know, what do anyone else thinks?


I wouldn’t call it fair, but I wouldn’t necessarily say that it is unfair either, at least not totally.
I understand that it can be frustrating, especially if you want to binge-read and have already supported in other ways, but I also understand that us authors are facing an increasing pressure to add whatever ways we can into our stories that include gems so we can trend better, have a better chance of getting into payments, have higher gem bonuses and also from Episode’s POV - get more revenue.

Authors have the opportunity to add Skip-The-Wait into their stories if they so choose to and select the option that they prefer in the drop down menu, some authors have had more success with it, and others have had worser outcomes. I do however think the STW would be fairer if Episode gave readers more ways and opportunities to gain more gems without spending their money.

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So for some, it’s just for the revenue? what happened to the love and excitement of writing? And anyway, shouldn’t it be fair if the reader to decide to support and not indirectly forced?

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Personally there shouldn’t be an option to give it every consecutive chapter. Every five to six chapters is tolerable but sitting down to read a new story and finding that there is STW every two chapters is frustrating

As stated before, it would be fine if I got it let’s say every six chapters. All of these have been implemented because there are bigger criteria now for payment qualification :confused:


If you’re looking to get paid, why not take it to another platform, Netflix emailed me about the 2nd story I released, I turned them down, It’s fun for me and if I had to do it as a job, I wouldn’t like it anymore, what should be for principal and what for money, is everything not valued anymore and anything up for sale?

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Im having fun with it, not gonn stress myself out on trying to make a “payment criteria” If my stories make it, then they make it, if not, oh well, I live to "WRITE another day. That’s how I see it!


From the company’s perspective - definitely. From the community perspective, there would also be some authors out there who are definitely looking at the financial side of it, but with that being said, most paid authors actually don’t receive all that much anyway for all of the time and effort they put into their stories which is understandable (naturally, because if Episode paid every writer a decent amount of money, it wouldn’t be long before they’d face bankruptcy).
There are many other authors though that simply want to see how it goes, see if it can make their story trend better (or not).
Authors do things for various reasons, but I don’t condemn those that might want more (or any) revenue for all of the hard work they’ve put into their work, especially if they just think it’d be nice to have it as a bonus/reward. I don’t think anyone would hate to receive a bit of money whilst doing a hobby that they love, generally speaking? I actually think there are many authors out there who write because they love to write, but like I said before, there is still the pressure to add gem choices in order to trend and thus, gain more exposure and love for the story/stories.

Well, I suppose if there was an option to bypass, then it would defeat the purpose of STW, I do get what you’re saying though! I know there is always a free choice and that waiting can really suck. The notion behind any free choice is always much less enticing than that of a gem choice. I’m not sure if Episode is genuinely trying to find more ways for creators to be supported or if it’s just a matter of needing more finances or both, but I guess because Episode has such a large, established base already they can actually afford to make some choices and create features that not all people will like or support (unlike a smalller, less established company), at least not as whole, but there is hardly anything that is liked by every single person regardless. That’s just my opinion though.

Also, congratulations on the Netflix offer! Regardless of your decision, it’s a huge feat! (:


Again, still talking about “MONEY” this platform until you meet the criteria for Episode to pick you up, your basically running on commission with how many reads you get. If writing is your main focus and want to be like Steven King, or Dean Koontz" Then that great, follow your dream always and never give up, but ALWAYS have a backup plan for alternative revenue!
I am a reader and recently started writing, So right now I guess I’m on both sides of the fence, what about the reader, or all you see is $$$? We are dependant on the readers to get us to our goal right? Still, where’s the appreciation for the readers that help you get there?

Oh, they wanted my whole story, like copywrites and everything, but my story is MY creation, I’m not selling. That was my decision.

I just feel that gem template is a slap in the face to the reader, that’s all!

I’m both an author and reader as well and have been since I joined the community some years ago, but I think I’m slightly more of an author than a reader, just because I spend more time thinking of my plotlines and directing ideas than I do actively reading (I still read a fair bit though!), but with that being said, I’m a paying reader, so I always save gems and purchase gems to support the authors of stories I love and I myself, have bumped into Skip-the-Wait numerous times. Like Clover said, it’s a lot more tolerable when it is every six chapters instead of every 3-4. It can also end up feel like a total waste of money, especially if the chapters are quite short. I understand that not every reader can afford to do that and like I said before, it would be nicer if readers were given more opportunities to earn gems without having to spend their money especially since gems have become increasingly more important than getting passes have and that way it wouldn’t feel like as much of a roadblock as it does now for some readers.

Of course! Without authors, there is nothing for readers to read, but without readers, there is no support or interest in the stories the authors create.

I guess this greatly varies depending on the author. Some have giveaways, others have character contests, some may give up double, triple or more frequent updates, some may view that simply continuing their story is enough. Others might give a thank you of appreciation. I think it’s more that the company needs to find ways to appreciate readers more so than authors since they’re the ones with the tools and power to award more to authors and readers alike, as well as give authors more options and ways to reward their audiences.

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I think it makes it easier on the author and harder for the reader, not everyone has the money to consistently pay for gems every 3 and 4 chapters.

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I really feel it’s at a disadvantage now, I feel it’s a little unfair, if that’s the case, then start making everyone buy a membership, don’t have a membership, can’t read. I feel that way everyone would get their fair shake and Episode can pick and choose whatever stories they wish to feature

That way Episode is seeing their revenue, everyone who has stories would be on an automatic payroll and if someone wanted to start writing they could but their story would have to get a certain amount of commissioned reads first before they are accepted into the payroll status.
Kinda sounds like what happens now, but the difference will be, people pay a monthly charge to read the stories on the app! If this whole thing is about money to Episode and stressing all the authors out, then why not do that?

Not gonna lie, a large amount of services have resorted to that and I would not be surprised if this became a thing at some point in future with Episode or if they decide to make another mature app and implement that there since a mature app’s audience is more likely to have money than a 12/13+ audience. The VIP deals are already monthly sub deals and eventually, a monthly subscription to read stories probably wouldn’t be too big of a leap, sadly. If that actually happened, I’d seriously consider just being an author and not a reader. :confused:

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I don’t think it should be that big of a charge, like 9.99$ month, I’m not gonna foolishly say anybody can afford that because it’s sad, but everybody actually can’t, I’m just brainstorming alternative ways so authors would not have forced the reader with that template that’s in place now!

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Well I’m not sure the people that I’ve talked to live in other parts of the world, but I’m in the U.S. and it’s 4:20 am here, so if anybody else comments under this post I will read them and still give my thoughts, but right now I’m sleepy and I’m gonna get me some rest. Happy reading and writing guys! :blush: :blush: :blush: Thanks so much for your input! :heart: :heart: :heart:

I liked your conversation a lot. In my opinion, the gems are good, not bad. Because they help you adjust the level of your story, but overdoing it for the reader here will be a disaster. I, personally, add the gems only for support. I change nothing from my story, only additional things that the reader wants to read… I don’t get a problem with anything. Always work in the way you like and comfort you and receive the return over time. Indeed, your dialogue added more information to me. Thank you!:white_heart: