What do you all think about stories with 500+ year old vampire/immortal LIs?

If the MC is 18 and the LI is 500+… doesn’t that make it kinda weird?

What would be a good age for a “regular, non-immortal” MC if she had to be paired with an immortal 500+ year old LI?

  • 18 is fine.
  • 22 (college graduate age)
  • Even older.

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well, I would be wrong if I say it’s too much because if uh have watched TVD, I ship Klaus and Caroline.


I don’t think it’s weird. It depends on how old the vampire was when they were sired or how old the person would have been since they became immortal.


I do find its quite weird, he is from a diffrent time, people only find it okay because he look young and hot.

I say what you do in your story. replace it with an ugly 70 year old, if you no longer think its okay, it never was okay.

I think MC at least need to be oe of an age she has had some life experince. old enough to understand a diffrence, between a good partnert and someone who take advantages of her.

and you know not just be out of what is legal age.


I may be alone in this view, but I don’t see the Vampire as being hundreds/thousands of years old. I see them more as the age they were when they died.
As in life, age is a number, it doesn’t amount to who you are. You can meet men/women in their 40s who have the emotional maturity of a 12 year old. At the end of the day, these characters died at a specific age, dor all intents and purposes, they ceased maturing further. Theyve experienced more of life and the world, but not the same way.

That being said, I prefer mortal love interests of Vampires etc, to be 18+ hence the MC in my own Vampire YA romance novel being 20. Because I generally find 16 year olds etc to be too immature as a generalisation to handle the seriousness of a relationship, let alone a supernatural one.

Edit: That being said, if the Vampire was 16/17 when he/she died, then it’s a bit more suited to being a mortal similar in age.


In my vampire Li story the Mc is older then the Li and not like in a fakeout way, shes just a witch with a long-ass life span

I think it depends.

Its weird if the vampire is physically young and the human love interest is way older.

For example, the vampire is 500 yrs old but physically 18 and the love interest is a 35 yrs old human.

Overall, vampires ( or any living thing that lives for long/forever, and ages slowly) stories are weird.