What Do You All Think of These Characters?

Hey, everyone. I always seem to have so much trouble designing characters in Limelight (I guess partially because I prefer Ink lol). Anyways, I’m currently working on writing a short, holiday themed story in Limelight and I’m struggling with the appearances of the main characters.

This is Piper. She’s a freshman in college who is a little quirky but is a kind and loyal friend… What do you all think of her?

  • She looks nice!
  • She could use work…
  • I hate everything about her.

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This is Lincoln. He’s a sophomore in college who’s been through a lot in life but truly cares about those who are closest to him… What do you all think of him?

  • He looks great!
  • He could use some work.
  • I hate everything about him…

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Would you want CC on them or no?

  • CC
  • Semi-CC
  • No CC

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If you check off that they need work or you just don’t like their looks at all, can you please comment why? I just want to make sure they look nice :blush:

I say that Lincoln needs work only because he still looks a little generic. I think it’s mainly the combination of those eyes, the nose, the lips (I’m so sorry if this sounds rude, that isn’t my intention at all). Piper looks great!

On the last question, I answered both CC and no CC because it’s really up to you. As a reader, I wouldn’t mind either way :blush:


You don’t sound rude at all! I agree on the fact that he looks a little generic but I couldn’t put my finger on why :woman_facepalming: Thanks for your input!!


pm me when this story come out I would love to read it

lincoln looks like he’s same age as piper to me:)

Hey! Honestly the characters look great, but it’s more than just looks! Each character will be shaped by the characteristics and backgrounds you provide. So Lincoln could look totally different. Maybe have blue hair and green skin (well, maybe not green skin :laughing:) but if you give him the backstory of a rough past, but make him really compassionate, it doesn’t matter what he looks like! :heart: But to be a little more helpful, they look great girl!

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