What do you call diversity?

People just don’t understand it and do it so wrongly, it’s sad. We shouldn’t have to think so much about it. It should happen naturally. And I understand what you said. Agree

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There’s a difference between a best friend who happens to be gay and the gay best friend people talk about in discussions on diversity. A best friend who happens to be gay isn’t a walking stereotype and is a character beyond his role to the main character. The Gay Best Friend™, on the other hand, has no personality aside from wearing lipstick, shopping, being attracted to men, and being the main character’s best friend. He’s usually also introduced as gay before we know anything else about him. While there’s nothing wrong with any one of these traits taken by themselves, authors often use the collection of them as a replacement for a personality.

Diversity allows characters of various races, sexualities, genders, nationalities, religions, etc. to exist as people do, instead of being reduced to stereotypes. It involves writing and developing characters who aren’t just straight white Americans just as well and as thoroughly as you would the characters who are. The characters are there and serve a narrative purpose instead of just being props for the main character or background decorations so the author can pat themselves on the back and pretend their story is diverse. Part of it, at least for me, also includes allowing characters outside of what you normally see in media to serve important roles, or even to be main characters.


I already explained this. You can, you just need to do it correctly and accurately.

I. Know. What. Diversity. Means.

What I want to know is that should it still be bashed upon if a character is gay and is the MC’s best friend. What if that’s a story? Do you want me to change that just because it’s a stereotype? - and what if that character had… character!

Yes I know - to give them personality.

The reason why I made this topic is to ask why authors are still asked upon this stereotype thing as the character is unique and has character however is still - and i’ve said this 100000 times - said that they are just trying to be diverse when it’s wrong.

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But when the gay person still has a character and is unique and not stereotypical, people still find this a stereotype. It’s like as soon as they hear that the best friend is gay they start shouting “hey thats not diverse” when it is. The gay person has a character and isn’t a cliche and is literally a human being but with a different sexuality.

this is the reason that I don’t write those kind of characters because people see it as some kind of attack anyway :neutral_face:

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ik thats what im trying to say.

it would be jumping into a pool of sharks to write those kind of stories because whether the diverse characters are props or not, you are still shouted at.

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exactly you get less hate for not writing those characters then hen you write them

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There are three potential explanations for that:

  1. The gay friend is the only one who isn’t straight in a cast that’s definitely large enough that the remaining characters don’t have to be straight, which is still unrealistic and the author could do better by including a greater variety. Only including one “diverse” character can still be seen as a token, even if they’re well-written.
  2. The character may not be as well-written as the author thinks, though judging from the description you gave earlier in the thread, that probably isn’t the case here.
  3. Some people are just going to be upset no matter what you do and, as long as the overall feedback is good and you’re doing your best, it could just be their problem, not yours. I wouldn’t suggest defaulting to this explanation though, since it’s best to see if there’s room for improvement first. Saying “not my problem” should be saved for after you’ve ruled out the other two explanations.


That’s–OMg! Okay…–

Yes, you need to change the stereotype. A stereotype isn’t a personality. A stereotype shouldn’t make up a character, that’s offensive. You won’t get bashed if you do it correctly.

Because it’s most likely is wrong?? A Stereotype isn’t a personality and is rude. Just plain rude. Just making diverse characters just to be “diverse” and get recognition for it is messed up.

Thank you.

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Ok, now THIS makes sense.


And also, the last one is what the problem is. Why do people still get upset when some authors do as much as they can to make it diverse? I was just trying to imply that it’s super tough to make a story with the right kind of diversity as there will always be that person who has something to say.


Ok first of all, i think you completely misread what i said.

I said:

Why do people still get upset after the author has made the character unique, made the story diverse, tried their best and the characters aren’t props.

I’m not saying:

“why is it a problem when there is a gay best friend with no personality traits.”

I didn’t say that. You seem like you’re trying to twist my words.

I clearly said: Why are authors still getting hate for trying the best they can? They make the story diverse - yes, accurately - but people still get upset.

So, yeah, you can “OmG- wha- ok” for as long as you want lmao

It really isn’t. If you do it right and correctly, no one will complain. If they complain about you adding them because they don’t like that specific group then that’s on them. I know some people complain about when others add Muslims and do it right mainly because they insult them and hate Muslims soo–


It really is.

You can never please people, darl.

I’ve seen stories, not just episode stories, where people are still getting the “diversity filler” punishment. Even when the character is diverse and does not associate with clichés.

and if everyone will “not complain” if done right then why is that the case? Why are some incredibly diverse stories still getting hate upon?

When have you ever seen that? And again. some will be prejudice against other groups. If you just add people just for “diversity”, don’t. People will notice. Even without cliches, people make them plain.