What do you dislike and love in a story?

As a new writer I’m still exploring my taste and how to write my stories to please the audience. So, what the title says. What do you dislike and love in a story? What gives you turn ons and turn offs?


Dislike- cliches

Love- diversity and originality

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I do feel like you should write for you. Write what entertains you, but do it in a way that is inviting to audiences. Like cooking your favorite meal for a potluck :sweat_smile: Share your love and skill with others lol. Hope that makes sense!
But if you are concerned with being more appealing…check these discussions out:

These all are great and really helpful! Hope you give them a peek to get a better idea.
Good luck, keep writing :purple_heart:

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I love originality, interesting plot, a lot of use in directing and stuff (because it looks cool and it’s funner, but I don’t know how to code, and by the looks of it in the forums, I wouldn’t judge anyone for being not that good at it) and I things that keep me hooked, like cliff hangers (they’re annoying, and if you write them wrong, it’s really not fun, but if cliff hangers are written really well, it keeps me engaged and wanting to see more, so that’s still a good thing)

I dislike cliches, boring and/ or repetitive plot, a story is always more interesting when there are always new and interesting things happening, a lot of romance, customization (but that’s just me, a lot of people like it)

And some more, I guess, but the list will never end if I’ll keep going lol, good luck with your story!

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