What do you do when someone offends you online?

So, we’ve all seen them. The online trolls. The ones who live for making trouble, causing arguments. What do you do when someone says something that offends you quite a lot online, on purpose?

  • HOW DARE YOU!?!? (fly into a massive rage).
  • Give them a little piece of your mind.
  • Passive aggressive approach.
  • Ignore.
  • Quietly tell them that what they said offended you.

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Depends. I don’t usually get offended. I usually don’t let it be known if I’m offended, but I just let it go really cause its whatever. I’ll live, Jesus. Especially people online. Sometimes I can get really irritated/frustrated behind the computer but on screen, I’m usually pretty chill.

If someone blatantly lies to me about me or about me to someone else, that’s the only time I really respond, which I make my points blunt and clear after that to that person while still being as chill as I can be. Lol

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I’d lie if I said I don’t get frustrated. I try to hide it, just because I know some people love to mess with others. They try to push you to the point where you fly into a massive rage. So most of the times I use the passive-aggressive approach, just to annoy them.

However, whenever someone crosses the line, I just ignore them and eventually block them.


I would just ignore them, or block them if its really offensive. I wouldn’t waste time telling them it’s not right or scream sh*ts at them, I would use those time to doing something else to cheer myself up instead.

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