What do you do when writing a story?

I was just wondering about the method of different authors when writing their story. for example do you write a draft for your story or do you just get it out of your head then and there

I always outline the first three episodes to get a foundation, I also write about a page per main character about their dynamic personality, background, and struggles. That way my story will be structured and not jump randomly like “a super shy girl suddenly makes a grand gesture to her crush for no good reason”.


What I do is I write down a general outline of the entire plot, making note of all of the key parts. Then as I am writing chapters out, I can choose to either add or ignore the ideas that I had in mind for the story. It helps me to stay focused on the core story.


I usually get it out from my head (which is not the best idea lol) Like when I had a great idea pop up in my head, I would think through about how this world, plot, and setting is gonna be in the story. Then I focused on the characters, like how they act and what are their personalities. After that, I think about the main events throughout the entire story. I would imagine the scenes of it and I would put it on my script. Like I said, I got it from my head. I never wrote anything down. After I put it on my script, I would preview the story many times to see any error or changes I should make in the story. And sometimes I get rid of some scenes or make some huge changes because they are not well thought out. I’m pretty much a slow and messy writer :slight_smile:


You are just like me :joy:

In the past, I usually just wrote anything that popped up in my mind. But now, writing on Episode, I consider it as a serious thing. I think of an outline for my script, from the beginning to the end. Ideas that come up suddenly will be considered to put on script or not. I draw a characters map, so I can see how their relationships grow. I also make character profiles so I can track are their behaviours suitable with their personalities.

I usually don’t even have an idea. When I am bored I go to mobile creation, place the default characters on the screen and start writing random dialogues. Sometimes I delete the whole thing later, but sometimes I feel inspired and a story comes together in my mind. In this case I take notes about the main plot and the characters’ personality, then continue the story on the web portal.


don’t worry thats what i do too

Once I have an idea, I come up with the overall plot. Most of my stories are short (<20 episodes) and aren’t designed to be ongoing. So I come up with the main ideas, what the conflict(s) will be and the resolution(s). Since my stories are very choice based, I also plan how the choices will work, what kind of choices there’ll be and how the different endings will work.

Before I start writing I plan out the first 3 (or 4) episodes scene by scene. When I actually go to write, things might change, but I like to have a detailed plan as I find that once I start writing, I tend to lose my train of thought. If I’m writing a short story, I’ll plan out the entire thing before I start.
After writing the first three episodes, I’ll then plan out each episode scene by scene before I write it.

For my first story I just winged it. That was a disaster lol.

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