What do you do when you don't have inspiration?

What do you do to get some inspiration?


Personally, when I have no more ideas, I especially listen to music :slight_smile:that, for example, matches the scene of my story. you can almost everywhere find inspiration, movies, books, vidios or even squares, well just sit in a quiet place and think, because most ideas come so suddenly, also mostly in strange situations :joy::wink: so if you have no ideas then do not worry, everything comes with time, and then you have a lot of ideas :fairy:‍♀ :sparkling_heart:


I just write in google docs while chewing gum and listening to music. Sometimes when you create another story that was not meant to be continued but to help your creativity. You end up with an amazing story and another inspiration.


I watch TV or a movie and usually an idea sparks from what I see (nothing that copies what I saw on TV though). Sleeping also helps :sleeping:. When I dream I get a lot of good ideas and even just closing your eyes and relaxing can spark creativity :art: . Looking at artwork and listening to music helps :musical_note:. A picture’s worth 1000 words after all.

You can also try this:

Try not to pound your brain over it, let the ideas come to you :blob_hearts:.

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work on something els. and return later. try to force something on the paper. return later and make it better.

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I start doing something that I like. Drawing, listening to music, singing, cooking, writing, reading, watching tv or going into youtube and netflix… these things usually give me inspiration. Once, I got an idea for a story that I’m now writing out of the title of a book and nothing more. :blush:

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For me?

I usually re-rewrite what I have already written on paper over and over or write a story about another character from the same story.

That will bring in an idea from the story that I have no ideas for.

Music :notes: helps too. Radio is the best to listen too because the news helps with ideas

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The best way would be to look for inspiration, I’ll list some good ways to do this below for you. :blush:

  • Read Episode stories that are the same genre as the story that you are writing. This has helped me the most especially when the plot is similar or includes something that you want to add to your story, for example: advanced directing. This way you will pick up ideas and also get see how things are written, along with what style you really like.

  • Listen to music! Music can bring out all sorts of different emotions that could give you inspiration for your story.

  • Read actual books, mainly that are in the same genre as your own story but experience reading all different types. Notice how the author describes who or what they’re writing about and how they use dialogue.

  • Watch movies, yep it’s time to watch Netflix! If you’re more of visual person, this will help you a lot. Movies and even TV shows allow you to see transitions between different scenes and it could also help you decide what music to use when certain things happen (if you decide to include it.)

I hope this helps and good luck!


I just completely leave it for a few week and spend some time away from my story and when I finally have a few ideas i write them down and listen to some music :slight_smile:

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I just sit around and read books. Something usually comes to me then.

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Yes!! That’s literally what I do when I don’t have inspiration! :kissing_heart:

Other than that, I sometimes:

  • Gather inspiration from anything, even if it’s just details from everyday life. I once got a story idea from a book title. :wink:

  • Reading books is also a major inspiration to me, and plays a big role. Sometimes, even if it’s just grabbing a random book that interests you, can help spin and inspire story ideas.

  • Taking some time off and closely observing the real world. Don’t ever force ideas upon yourself, because it’ll end up being trash. I have experience from that, unfortunately… :joy:

  • Take a break, and try not to worry / stress over coming up with good ideas, and watch the real world for details and inspiration, whether it’s derived music, books, art, or even a hobby might inspire some sort of great idea. Just don’t force ideas onto yourself.

The story I’m currently writing was actually partially inspired by a book I read, and a few of my own experiences. :kissing_heart:


@Simila100 made some really good points to! :kissing_heart:

One of the points that I forgot to mention, this is actually a very good idea. Sometimes you can find inspiration from your own experiences, feelings and the people/situations around you. :blush:

Of course a break is always good, the ideas and inspiration will eventually come to you. Most of the time all my ideas find me while I’m taking a break.


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