What do you expect to see in a mystery story?

  1. What do you want to see in a mystery story?
  2. What are the do’s and dont’s of writing mystery?
  3. What are the mystery cliches?

the butler did it. is an old clichi for mystery. wife too

dont strech the mystery to much and dont leave us with unavswaer qustions. like they did with campus crush. over 100 episodes and after that there was stil no answaers



I will make sure not to

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  1. Mystery. I love characters that are suspicious, it makes choosing choices even harder when you don’t know who you can trust. I also lots of clues that are hidden along the way that the reader has to pick up on.
  2. I’m not certain I’m qualified to tell people the dos and don’ts, but I’ll say don’t make the reveal something that hasn’t been hinted to, don’t just magic up a answer otherwise it make cheat your readers. Obviously have a plot twist or a big reveal, but don’t just pull something random out of the bag.
  3. I guess plot twists, dead bodies, mist, flashlights, murders and the butler did it.

There was answers to campus crush that I recall? It’s a good few years since I’ve read it but I think it had something to do with her mum being pregnant in the sorority house.

yeah but who gave her the money. and who forced her to join a spicific sorority

I don’t know, but you’re right over 100 episodes is a lot.

Clues to solve the case as well as red herrings that try to steer you in the wrong direction.
I love totally unexpected plot twists.

DO: Write out the entire plot from beginning, to climax, to resolution, to end. Plot out all your twists and turns before you try to write or you’ll get stuck.
DON’T: Do not be predictable or make the mystery too easy to solve.

Jealous wife is the murderer, the detective gets fooled and starts falling for the villain, etc

Don’t know why, but that reminds me of “La Casa de Papel”

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If you are asking this because of the contest, don’t force yourself to do traditional mystery stories. Like murder mystery for example.

It’s about a clue, clue can belong to anything. Not just murder :slightly_smiling_face:


Unreliable narrators :wink:


This thread is so helpful!! Thanks for creating it @Episode.Cameronwrite and thanks to everyone that gave their input!! I have lots to think about now.


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