What do you guys feel about stories about witchcraft?

What do you guys feel about stories circling around witchcraft or witches practicing magic? I haven’t seen many stories like these on Episode, and was wondering if people actually read them.


Honestly they’re probably one of my top 5 favorite types of stories on episode

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OMG I love stories with witches :star_struck: :heart:

I haven’t seen many on Episode but I looove reading anything witchcraft/magic related. So I’d probably check one out if I came across it on the app.

yeah, im in the process of writing one-- i have a HUGE influx of ideas i want to get out there-- but im scared to put time into it and only have nobody read it


I will read it!

I love any stories with magic!!!

Fun! And you can come up with different witch rules.
Vampires and werewolves have a lot of the same elements.

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same here

i love them

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