What do you guys like seeing in stories, pacing ect

Hi my names Lana, im currently making a story about racing and falling in love you get the jist. I want to make it my own but I also would like some input on what others would want in it, I’ve been trying to publish a story for a while now, doing test runs and drafts and then completely gave up on my idea, but finally im happy to say I actually have the hang of coding, I have motivation and a decent story plot, which brings me here… what would you guys want to see in my story, “Race You”? (the name is still a work in progress and if you have suggestions for that I’ll gladly take them and credit you) but yeah I don’t know, I really want to publish a story, not one only that I love but everyone else will aswell.


(: Here are my answers from other threads:

I also thought those threads might help you with writing your story too as you can read the opinions of others and perhaps make your own view of what to avoid and what to include (of course, totally up to you!).

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Thank you so much this helped a lot! I was wondering, how many lines do you think would be good to have a long episode. Quite frankly, this has actually been one of my main things because I as well dislike short chapters and I would feel like a hypocrite making a short ones.

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No problem!

It really depends on the amount of directing that’s going into your episodes since you can have many, many lines of directing that don’t amount to much screen time. There are many authors who play through their episodes and time them, so you could do that? Most people prefer 12 minutes or so for an episode, so since you like longer episodes - you could aim for higher than 12, maybe 15, 20 minutes? :thinking:

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