What do you guys need edits for?

Hey! Everyone.

I have been wondering this for quite sometime that what do you guys do with your edits?
I don’t understand it. It needs hard work, time and all that but…
Do you guys use it in your stories or just use them as something else like a picture or something like that?
What do you do with edits of characters?

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I edit for my covers, overlays, splashes, special scenes, etc

What I usually do is either for Insta, My Profile Pics, or just for fun.

So, edits aren’t for using in stories.
Are they?

So, they can be used as art scenes but aren’t edits only of one person in it.
Because most of them that I saw was of one person in it which was an episode character

Intros as in starting your story with a edit of a character right?

And outros of edits of character are for thanking readers for reading Like that of a splash saying thanks for reading.

I just wanted to know how to make the speech bubble appear at the top of the storie because that will REALLY help me out thx

Do you mean the speech bubble that appears for 5 seconds?