What do you guys prefer? Limelight or Ink?


I personally like episode ink version. Because it has a vast amount of expressions. And it shows the expressions perfectly on the characters face and body language. But in limelight, the expressions are a little more complicated to notice. I wanna know your opinions!

Currently I’m thinking of creating a new story. But still confused about which version should I use.


I actually like limelight because I think it’s more detailed and attractive. But it all depends on the story. My story Elemental is in Ink and my other story Agent 99 is in limelight. I went with the vibes of the story to determine which style would be best


Mmm yeah. Thanks for letting me know.:blue_heart::blue_heart:


Limelight, it gives me a realistic view of the character whereas ink style is more cartoonish. however I wish they {LL} did have as much clothing choices as ink does and animations, but yeah definitely limelight. once limelight came out I stopped reading ink. ink and classic never caught my interest .


Thanks a lot for letting me know your opinion.


I prefer INK. :slight_smile:


Ink is better for gangs and limelight is better for… I don’t know… But if u want a story about have it’s better to put INK that’s all i know😜


thanks a lot for the support on ink. I love ink so much.


thanks a lot for your support on ink. i like ink version best.


Definetely ink


I totally agree on the fact that ink has more expressions and body language, not to mention outfits. but limelight feels a lot more realistic when it comes to how the characters look physically. i feel like if episode made the same expressions, outfits and body language that ink has in limelight that would make limelight more popular. :smile:


INK has a larger range of story types and genres it can take on.

LL on the otherhand is better suited for the types of stories Episode seems to prefer, school dramas. Or some sorts of romances.

I prefer INK to use because it flows better and the animations don’t seem so animated. Reading wise, I don’t have a preference since some stories are just better in LL.


Although LL has a wider rage of actions and the characters seem to look more realistic I still prefer INK (I kinda memorised the actions so it’s much easier to write) :smiley:


I’m an INK lover! :heart:
The animations and movement are more realistic, and I prefer the look of INK characters more.


Limelight!!!<3 For sure!!


I totally agree! :heart:


thanks a lot for letting me know.


i think limelight is more realistic


I like Ink because Limelight is so laggy


I Still prefer INK!
The males on LL all seem to have the same facial “look” with little variation & always appears to look way too young ( imho)

I happen to like CC especially for both MC & LI’s so that’s my reasoning for Ink preference.

Also, LL characters movement feels very robotic & the men walk like John Wayne walking sideways & their shoulders are leading the movements. Makes me laugh every time distracting me from the story.

Maybe when LL gives us better facial features, emotional reactions, & movement, I could get on board.

But, until then it’s still INK all the way for me!